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How a Hosted VoIP System can Win you New Clients

How a Hosted VoIP System can Win you New Clients
How a Hosted VoIP System can Win you New Clients

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Hosted communication systems are talked about a lot, especially their benefits - which include streamlining your business communications and gaining a higher return on your investment. Even with all the positives of a hosted telephony solution, it still sounds like a huge task to undertake for a business, As they might already have a telephone system or just be using mobile phones to make business calls.


With all the benefits of a hosted system, is it right to change?


Having the right tools makes it easy to do a great job. To encourage great communication whether it be internally or externally of a business, we need to make sure you have the correct equipment and software to help employees to work effectively and promote a credible business, as the last thing you want when dealing with clients and potential clients is poor voice quality and the perception of a very small company.

Other than giving you new and improved features, what else does a professional hosted telephone system have to offer? We have created a fictional situation to show one way how it could help.

So let's imagine Stephen runs a marketing agency and he is going to be having a conference call with a big potential new client in London. He sends out emails, which include invitations and the agenda for the call. Stephen needs to make sure his telephone equipment is working perfectly to make sure he has a successful call.

Let's imagine that Celia from a SMB company is going to have an audio conference with a key potential customer in London. After sending out invitations and listing the agenda and preparing notes, she needs to make sure her telephone equipment functions perfectly for a fruitful meeting.

She makes a checklist:

  1. Make sure that the phone is HD voice and that the parties on the other side can hear and be heard clearly. Clear and professional sound is the first step in engaging a customer.
  1. Busy offices and smaller co working spaces can make it hard to focus for both the end receiver and the person making the phone call and with quiet meeting rooms not always readily available it is a necessity for a professional and successful call. So the phone needs to have excellent background noise cancellation.​
  1. Every minute is crucial on a call like this, an so Stephen needs to give 100% attention to the call so he able to answer any queries the potential customer may have. He may not have time to make notes and also may forget about specific things mentioned on the call. He also might want to share the call with other colleagues to help find a solution for this client. Call recording will allow Stephen to be worry free about making notes as he will be able to record the full call and playback as much as he wants.
  1. Having a professional hosted system allows you to have many more features which can come in handy when on a call like this, You will be able to mute speakers, add and remove different people to the call as well as many more.


This is just one scenario out of many that happens day to day in the workplace and there many other different scenarios that we could speak about, for example voicemail, as every incoming call is an opportunity can you afford to miss a call and not listen to your voicemail till your back in the office. Wouldn't the message being sent by text or email so you can listen on the go be beneficial.

A professional business phone system isn't just about lowering costs and bringing you better ROI. As a boss think about this practically, this type of system will offer you more features making your working day more productive and effective, whilst still being very simple to use. Just a reminder you will have to switch to a new telephone system soon with ISDN and PSTN lines being shut off.


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