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Take control of your telephone and never miss a call again!

Take control of your telephone and never miss a call again!
Take control of your telephone and never miss a call again!

Here at 447 Services we understand the importance of a phone call to every business and what problems can arise from not being able to answer the phone. A mobile phone is sometimes the main point of contact for businesses or employees, again this causes implications for example using a personal mobile to answer mobile phones or receiving calls outside of working hours. 447 Services has a solution that solve all of your problems.


Softphone for your business

With our licensed app you are able to receive calls on iPhones, Android phones, laptops and tablets. Using this app will allow you full mobility while appearing like your at your desk, this is useful for smaller businesses, sales people and support staff. The app doesn't just work with inbound calls, you can make calls using the app as well. You can also choose the number that you want to present when dialling out, this can be your office number, a local number, a national number or a premium rate number. You also don't need to have an existing telephone system in place and the app is useful for anyone that wants to remove a mobile number from their business card and replace it with a local number.

No matter what device you use the app on you will need some kind of data connection, this can either be WiFi or mobile data. We find that the app works best when working alongside our VoIP systems however as mentioned previously you don't need a system or a handset and we can also create you a virtual system as well. Below are some of the features you will have access to when using the app or our VoIP Systems;

  • The ability to answer calls anywhere in the world as long as you have a data or internet connection.
  • Free calls between different extensions and sites.
  • Full control of when you take calls and calls outside of working hours go direct to voicemail or another destination dependant on preference without a press of a button or turning on a service.
  • You can transfer calls from your desk phone to mobile extension for free.
  • Make calls presenting a number of your choice.

With this system there are many more features and uses, which we can tailor to your needs. We are happy to demonstrate the app shows its functionality to anyone that is interested, as seeing is always believing.

Here at 447 Services we are happy to help with further support on business telephone systems, whether your looking to replace an old system or need some advice on maintain your current system we are always here to help. With BT soon to be switching off PSTN and ISDN lines there hasn't been a better time to look at cloud based telephony.


​447 Services are a telecommunications company based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We offer many different services to the eastern region as well as nationally as well. If you are on LinkedIn or Twitter why not give us a follow to stay up to date with our latest news.

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