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Top Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Top Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Secure
Top Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Smartphones have become part of our daily lives and chances are it goes with you everywhere. We use Smartphones for everything, our address book, searching the web, work information and it is also a place where a lot of personal items are kept as well. But like everything in the modern world you need to make sure your device is safe and secure and being hacked isn't something you need to think of.


We have put together some top tips on how to keep your Smartphone secure whether it be Android, iPhone or a Blackberry. These tips work across the board.

1. Keep your Smartphone secure with a password

Smartphone Security - 447 Services : This is the most straightforward way to keep your Smartphone secure. Swipe patterns are ok, but greasy finger-trails could reveal too much. For the best security either using a four digit pin or a series of numbers or letters is the best way to keep your Smartphone secure. Something to remember in some Smartphone settings it comes as default to wipe the phone if your password is entered 8 times or more incorrectly.

2. Ensure your Smartphone locks itself automatically

So you have set up a password or pin for your Smartphone but this is pretty useless if your phone remains unlocked. Most Smartphones as default set it so after about a minute or two of inactivity your Smartphone will lock itself. This can be annoying but it is the safest set up to have on your phone. On Android devices you are able to set up safe unlock areas, where your Smartphone doesn't need to have a password or pin to unlock it, this would only be safe in your home or any other places you would feel comfortable leaving your Smartphone unattended.

3. Don't miss updates for your Smartphone

From time to time you will receive updates to the operating software of your Smartphone, they often update the smartphones basic securities to counter the latest threats. You might want to be advised of updates rather than having them automatically installed, as early adopters sometimes experience teething issues – but the forgetful among you may prefer that to missing updates altogether.

4. Consider Antivirus Software

Are you capable of blocking and tracking your Smartphone remotely. If not this is something you have to seriously consider. iPhones come with find my iPhone which enables you to back up your phone to the Apple Cloud as well as track your iPhone and block it as well. Android and Blackberry also have similar defaults but it might be worth investing in some antivirus software, a lot of banks are giving this away for free as part of mobile banking. With this added you still should stay vigilant over links that either come in Text messages or Emails as they can still contain harmful viruses.

5. Only download from places you trust

If you are downloading apps for your phone this should only be done from trusted stores and even then you should read the reviews on apps and make sure they are legitimate, if there are no reviews don't download. Also be careful what permissions you are also giving apps as a puzzle game should not need access to your contacts or messages, so remember to block these permissions.

6. Know what is stored on your Smartphone

Make sure your important photos are never lost by backing them up to the cloud. Also remember what information you have stored on your phone for example credit card details and other passwords. If you have this type of information or pictures you want to keep private download private vaults or secure wallets from trusted app stores to make sure you have an added layer of security to your Smartphone.

7. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is often forgotten about but it is used to pair other devices to our Smartphones all the time, When you have paired all your devices to your Smartphone, it is advisable to make sure your Smartphone is in undiscoverable mode until you want it to be discovered. Never pair with unknown devices either as this gives another user or device access to your Smartphone.

8. WiFi

Be very careful when connecting to unprotected WiFi networks, these can normally be found in shopping centres and airports. They are very handy to use when you are just searching social media or wanting to find the latest news but you should never look to buy or enter passwords or payment details on your Smartphone or any device for that instance when using unsecured WiFi networks.


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