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Ultimate Small Business Guide to WhatsApp For Business

Ultimate Small Business Guide to WhatsApp For Business

447 Telecoms has put together the ultimate small business guide to WhatsApp for Business. With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is a powerful tool and can allow your business to connect reliably and privately. As the everyday consumer wants to communicate with companies in the same way they would when contacting a friend, you can see how WhatsApp for business can be utilised as a powerful tool.

WhatsApp for Busines is free to download and is available from the Play Store as well as the App Store. With approximately 55 billion messages sent via WhatsApp and with useful additional features like automated replies, catalogues and stories, you can quickly see the benefits of using WhatsApp for Business.

Like anything though, 447 appreciate that sometimes you don't want to be contacted about work out of business hours and so WhatsApp for Business integrates with our other Unified Communication Solutions. Merely using a cloud number, you can begin to market to customers via WhatsApp by sending blanket messages. It doesn't just stop at a simple text; you can send audio and video files as well as pictures.

Being a more accessible solution and less intrusive than a phone call, WhatsApp allows businesses to pass messages in real-time. This could be an offer, a confirmation of purchase or an automated message answering a FAQ. With this in mind, many consumers will do anything to avoid a phone call with a help desk, and communication via WhatsApp can allow your support team to answer queries and provide support from a more open platform. WhatsApp doesn't just need to be used for contacting customers; it can easily be used for internal communication between employees as well.


The ultimate Small Business Guide to WhatsApp For Business

1) Download the WhatsApp for Business app for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. When the app has downloaded proceed to open. 

2) Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to register your new account. This can be the tricky part, WhatsApp will assume that you have a private Whatsapp account on your phone. When you go to register your account you will be asked to use a number for this account; we suggest you use a landline number for this (If you don't have a landline number for your business, please get in touch, and we can set you up with a virtual cloud number). If you do decide to use your mobile number, this will transfer your private account and change it into a business account. Once this has been done, follow the video below to finish setting up.


3) You should now be set up and able to send messages appearing as your business.

There are some useful features integrated into WhatsApp for Business; we have highlighted the most useful ones below.


The catalogue feature is a simple and easy to use feature that enables you to showcase your products and services via a conversation or on your business profile.


Automated Messages & Quick Replies

Automated messages can be sent in a range of different scenarios. You can set up messages to acknowledge messages being received or a quick reply can answer a commonly asked question. Using the prebuilt templates, you can build conversations in advance, providing your current and potential customers with an excellent service. We have added a few links below on how to set up these features.

- How to use greeting messages on Android or iPhone
- How to use away messages on Android or iPhone
- How to use quick replies on Android or iPhone


With the use of Labels, you can quickly organise conversations and contacts into different groups. You can make sure the crucial correspondence received are not hard to find and easy to reply to.


Like Instagram and Facebook, you can also post stories on WhatsApp for Business. These can be used to promote your products and services as well as highlight any key messages you may need alert customers to. WhatsApp Stories are becoming more popular when compared to other social networks, with 450 million users worldwide using them, which is more than Snapchat.

Although only one person can use WhatsApp for Busines at a time. We still believe it is a great tool which is only going to get better and become part of businesses everyday communication, especially when you can link your account to your PC or Laptop via WhatsApp Web. It is also GDPR compliant as your users will have to opt in to receive messages, and this will improve the likelihood of them engaging with your news and updates. Using WhatsApp for Business, you will also be able to send blanket messages to all your contacts or specifics.

Although businesses would have been able to send messages through traditional text messages, by sending a message via WhatsApp Business, it gives your message more validity and credibility as it will be backed up by your business profile. With more features like WhatsApp payments to be released over the coming months, WhatsApp may become a handy tool for small business communications in the future.

If you require any more information on WhatsApp for Business or our other services such as Mobile, Hosted VoIP or Data Connectivity, don't hesitate to get in touch either by contacting us or via our socials LinkedIn and Facebook.


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