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2020 Future of Business Telecommunications

How will 2020 shape your business?

A new year and a new decade have arrived, with lots to be excited about in the future. Technology is going to continue with fast-paced trends and new tech being released every week. But what does this entail for the future of telecoms in 2020? Rather than speaking about specific technology or solutions, we have identified some keywords which we believe will give a better understanding of what is going to happen in the future.


2020 starts a new decade, but in this decade we are going to see the end of PSTN & ISDN and the rollout of fibre to the premises. As well as these, CityFibre is also releasing many new products across cities in the UK. Having a good internet connection is essential for businesses as poor connections stop businesses from innovating and slow down normal business processes. Cloud is becoming ever important for businesses whether it be for a CRM System, 365 or accounting packages and is the way forward. The best way to allow your business access to cloud services is to make sure you are connected to a sufficient internet connection. Dedicated connections for businesses for whom the internet is essential is also a cost-effective way to make sure your business has the best possible internet connection. Following on from cloud services, PSTN & ISDN telephone services will be switched off in 2025. If your business isn’t already on an IP based system, this is something you will have to move to. Here is our guide on the “The Switch off”. IP phone systems are a more flexible solution and will let businesses mould their systems to their bespoke requirements with a range of additional features.

A simple Google search for 'IoT & AI for business' will bring up thousands of examples of how these technologies are helping businesses to innovate. IoT (Internet of Things) allows devices to connect to the internet which can be done by a local connection or via a sim card giving the device data. A range of different industries are using this technology to improve what they are doing; from manufacturing businesses switching off heating systems at an optimal point to local councils knowing when public bins are getting to capacity. With IoT, there are endless possibilities and this technology will further influence businesses over the coming years.


'Collaboration' was a buzzword for 2019 and will continue to be in 2020. As businesses evolve, the way they communicate internally and externally will change as well. More and more businesses are now offering flexible working situations, which means more people than ever will be working from home in 2020. On top of this, remote working is becoming more popular and businesses are also looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Our previous post “Take control of your telephone and never miss a call again” touches on this subject of Unified Communication and collaboration. Unified Communications, for those who don’t know, is the name given to bringing specific communications together in one solution; this normally will involve telephony, video, presence, mobility, and video.

If your business doesn't have a solution that offers these things, you may have to ask yourself the question why not? Creating collaborative spaces for employees to work is a great benefit of having a Unified Communication Solution. An effective example of this would be a video conference where the lead can share a presentation with every member's screen as well as share downloadable files in seconds. This would stop the need to bring remote workers into a central office. Having a solution that benefits employees and businesses will allow better communication internally and externally with suppliers and customers. There aren’t huge cost implications for choosing a Unified Communications solution and so it is accessible for all.


'Unlimited' is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as; “not limited; having the greatest possible amount, number, or level". This is exactly what is going to happen in 2020, all the major mobile networks have reintroduced unlimited data plans ready for the 5G rollout which is already happening across the UK. One thing to be mindful of is some of the tariffs cap the speeds you can receive. You should typically see download speeds of 20mbps on a 4G device however you can expect on 5G devices speeds of 500 – 1500mbps which will open the door to further technology such as driverless vehicles.

Apple currently doesn't have a 5G device and so we should expect that later this year. But with unlimited data, this will allow rural businesses that have poor internet connections to use these data plans to power their business and give them download speeds that were previously unavailable, without the thought of running out of mobile data. Unlimited isn’t just about mobile data and 5G it also is about unlimited minutes which you should be receiving with your Unified Communications solution. This normally comes as standard.

With the announcement yesterday from Boris Johnson about giving Huawei the go-ahead to continue the 5G rollout it won't be long until more cities are connected and more businesses are taking advantage of the new technology. 2020 is the start of a very exciting decade in terms of telecommunications and something businesses should be looking to embrace rather than seeing as an additional cost.


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