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How can you prevent downtime when there is no connection?

We are all absolutely reliant on our internet connections. In both our professional and personal lives, being without a solid connection or WiFi signal means the technology and systems we use every minute of every day can be rendered redundant.

Up until a few years ago at least, an outage at home would be a pain. Any parent that has tried to explain to a child that Netflix is off because the internet is “broken” knows how long those hours seem until the connection is restored. Then, when March 2020 came along and working from home forced IT infrastructures to be tested like never before, our expectations of consumer and business broadband skyrocketed.

For businesses of all sizes, the reliance increases with every new team member, each new device added to a network or new customer using the free WiFi.

Despite the fact we all recognise this, are businesses doing enough to protect their internet connection? We all see that our reliance is only going to increase, but do we have a plan B in the event of an outage? Plus, are you using the best type of connection for your business and could optimising speed greatly improve your productivity?

Real Impact

One thing is for sure, panicking when the internet “breaks” or just waiting for it to come back online is not the best strategy when downtime can stall your business. Not as immediately impactful as an outage, but slow connections can be just as exasperating. The simplest of tasks can become impossible if the connection speed can’t keep pace.

Let’s consider a couple of scenarios at each end of the commercial scale.

First, a small independent coffee shop. Guest WiFi could be a genuine selling point – a place where customers can escape the office environment, but still connect to the business with a coffee and relax. Payments could be taken via their ePOS system which also controls stock management. No WiFi could result in cash only payments (who carries cash?) and manual receipts for stock control. A poor connection could be equally damaging. Slow WiFi (while better than no WiFi) is a frustration and could put off customers returning who either can’t work or have issues when checking out.

For major organisations, every minute of an outage could result in a loss in revenue and major staff inefficiencies. Tracking systems, finance software, collaboration tools, administration portals, facilities management—any activity where connectivity is part of the working day, an outage could bring productivity to zero. Poor broadband is so often cited by staff as being a barrier to progress and them performing to their best. In our own surveys, slow broadband is referenced as an indicator of the modernity of a business.

What can be done, then?

It’s really difficult to say what causes an outage. Luckily, they are also uncommon but inevitable in some form or another, at some point. Hardware fails, software glitches, human errors – could all be a factor, but for our two scenarios above, let’s look at some solutions.

Meet Connectivity Backup from 447 Telecoms

Here at 447 Telecoms, we have launched a rather nifty backup solution that is compatible with our broadband connectivity solutions. It couldn’t be simpler. We provide a router that you connect to your broadband/ethernet circuit as well as a mobile network. If the primary internet connection drops, the mobile connection will take over automatically. When the connection issue is resolved, the primary line will kick back in again. For small to medium-sized businesses like our coffee shop example, it is the perfect way to stay connected even in the event of a drop without losing any service.

The other end of the scale

So Connectivity Backup is perfect for some but where big business and enterprise-level infrastructure is concerned, installing a second line is the way to go. That line, whether it be Fibre, SoGea, etc. can be utilised.


Our team can assist you in finding the optimal solution to keep your business connected. We can help you incorporate the appropriate level of resilience into your network through various options, including our innovative Connectivity Backup or a secondary line. Additionally, we will ensure that your connection speed aligns with your specific needs.

If your business is impacted by the upcoming ISDN/PSTN switch off, this could be an opportune moment to upgrade your broadband. Let's discuss your options.

As experts in business communication, our goal is to keep you connected and enable your teams and customers to thrive.

If you would like to learn more about our Connectivity Backup solution or any of our other connectivity options, please feel free to contact us by phone at 01480 714447, via email on, or by using the chat feature located in the bottom right corner of your browser.


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