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Take advantage of your business mobile devices to the fullest extent possible right now.

In recent times, mobile devices have undergone explosive growth in functionality, delivering computing power thousands of times greater than the best computers used to send astronauts to the moon. With the growing need for flexible working arrangements, businesses of all sizes have come to rely on these devices as one of their most valuable communication tools.

Mobile devices offer teams greater flexibility, enhance workflows, improve communications, and make users more efficient and productive. By enabling faster and more collaborative communications, they also provide businesses with a competitive edge and facilitate rapid decision making.

Integrating mobile devices into the workplace allows users to work whenever and wherever they need to, with access to essential resources previously only available in the office. Whether traveling, commuting, working in the field, or at home, users can essentially take their offices with them.

What are the top three advantages of employing mobile technologies in the workplace?

The benefits of mobile technology in the modern workplace are ever-changing and abundant. We offer clear and jargon-free explanations of how it works and how it can maximise advantages for your organisation.


Good communication is essential for any business, but defining what "better" communication means can be challenging since organisations vary in terms of their size, culture, purpose, and capacity.

However, the answer is that better communication can be generalised, regardless of industry. Businesses that have established intuitive, easy-to-initiate communicative practices and behaviors are considered to have good communication. In other words, when employees have access to the tools they need to contact anyone they need to, feel empowered to do so, can communicate from anywhere, and whenever they need to, that's when effective communication is achieved.

Mobile devices, combined with the right call management platform, can help businesses achieve this level of communication. This, in turn, can lead to more efficient communication between teams, better collaboration with colleagues, streamlined supplier management, and stronger professional connections.

  • Customers: Enhance your business-to-client interactions by utilising mobile technology to create more engaging and personalised experiences.

  • Colleagues: Use digital tools to collaborate with colleagues from any location, with access to work documents, conversations, and workflows.

  • Suppliers: Streamline your supplier management processes by using mobile apps or programs to organise and manage documents, pay invoices, and stay in touch with your suppliers from anywhere.

  • Your network: Stay connected to your professional network more easily by using mobile-friendly social apps and intranet chats on your wireless devices.

Pick up your device and work anywhere

If you have been keeping up with the trends of the past two years, you must be familiar with the rapid growth of remote and hybrid work. This shift has forced all businesses to reconsider the traditional office setup, with a primary challenge being the need to establish effective communication channels that cater to a diverse range of job roles.

To address this challenge, it is imperative for your organisation to fully leverage the potential of mobile devices that come equipped with advanced features and functionalities. These devices facilitate seamless communication between employees, regardless of their location, and enable quick access to customer data, both of which are essential for operating at peak efficiency and maintaining 24/7 connectivity.


The use of mobile technology can enable employees to accomplish more with less effort. By utilising mobile software and apps, they can free themselves from laborious tasks of the past and instead focus on their core competencies.

Numerous studies have shown that mobile technology can enhance productivity for both in-office and remote workers. For instance, integrating mobile applications into the workplace can save approximately 7.5 hours per employee per week. Moreover, employees tend to be more productive when using familiar and user-friendly smartphones and mobile devices for work purposes.

Remote employees who have the option to work from home tend to work longer hours and go beyond their designated responsibilities to help others and drive the organization forward. Surveys have also revealed that 73% of remote and field employees, who benefit from mobile devices, put in more effort compared to only 68% of in-office workers.

Take control of your business mobiles with 447 Collab

To enhance the mobile capabilities of your business, 447 Collab provides a cloud-based platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. This platform offers all the essential features necessary for keeping everyone connected, regardless of their location. The software has features such as call recording and a built-in softphone function, allowing your team members to have complete flexibility in their work processes. Additionally, with 447 Collab, you can enjoy reduced line rental and call charges without any upfront costs.

447 Collab's latest feature, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), has transformed mobile devices into a powerful tool. FMC integrates desk phones and mobile devices, making calls indistinguishable between fixed and mobile networks. This feature allows users to make and receive calls through their office number on their mobile devices, whether they're at home, on the go, or at their desk.

To discover how 447 can maximise the potential of your business mobiles, give us a call on 01480 714447 or email or use the chat feature in the bottom right of your browser.­


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